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Women’s Leadership in African Technology Spaces

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March 28th, 2023

Women’s Leadership in African Technology Spaces

This Thursday, March 30, 2023 we are hosting a Twitter Space titled “Women’s Leadership in Tech” which promises to explore the role of women in technology leadership in Africa. At Spurt! we leverage digital and social technologies to trigger and nurture the transformative growth of businesses.

The tech industry Is often perceived as a male dominated industry, but women are surely making their mark in this space, however, women in tech often tend to receive much less attention, publicity and opportunities as their male contemporaries.

Being a brand that is focused on and committed to women’s empowerment and leadership, we at Spurt! are making the most of the International Women’s month to showcase the transformative power of women in tech and highlight their successes, impacts, and unique perspectives in the industry.

We have designed an interactive session on Twitter Spaces that will feature a panel of accomplished women in tech leadership roles from across Africa. They will discuss their experiences, challenges, and opportunities in the tech industry, as well as share insights and perspectives on how women can effectively lead in this field.

Participants in the Twitter space will be able to engage directly with each other and the panelists, asking questions and sharing their own experiences. The event promises to be a lively and informative discussion that will empower and inspire women who aspire to take up leadership roles in the tech industry.

Our panelists Sharon Jebitok and Sophia Abubakar have made significant contributions to the tech industry in Africa. They have held key positions in technology companies, spearheaded innovative tech projects, and advocated for women’s rights and leadership in the industry.

Their Insights and experiences will be invaluable to women who want to break into the tech industry, navigate the challenges common to women in the space, and build successful careers. They will also provide guidance and advice to women who want to move into leadership roles in the industry.

This event will indeed shine light on the positive impact and change that women bring to the tech industry in Africa, and isalso an excellent opportunity for women in tech to connect with their peers, network, and learn from some of the most successful women in the industry.

Men in the industry will also get to learn from the experiences of women and better understand the unique challenges they face and receive insights on how to make the African tech industry more women inclusive and an attractive career path for women.

Spurt! Is committed to promoting gender diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, and this event is a step towards achieving that goal. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking event!

Join us on Thursday, 30th of March at 7pm WAT.

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