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Join Our Pool Of Consultants

We are excited that you are considering becoming a part of our dynamic consortium of professionals. We invite you to let us know more about your professional experience and how you can support the growth and development of African Micro businesses.

Please enjoy the process of filling out this form, and let it be as true a reflection of you as possible. We've tried to make the questions interesting. This is the time for honesty, so get your introspective hats on!

Who Are You?

*Latest version recommended

Introduction To Your Professional Life

We'd like to see you as a professional come to life beyond the words on your CV/resume.

What is your professional superpower?

Can you see a strategy to 'fix' things from a mile away? Or can you spill a tale that brings out the essence of a story? Are you super organised, or have the ability to just get things done? What is that thing you can bring to a company with your eyes closed, and excitement on full blast? What do people wait for you to come and do, because you do it well, with ease and interest?

What do you do? (Professionally Speaking)

This is an overview of your professional self written in a way that your cv might not give you the space to write. You can skip the jargon and buzz words, and just get to the essence of what you do, how long you've done it for and how you best do it. An example: " I help companies communicate with the public with my graphic designs/copywriting. I work well on my own using PhotoShop tools. However, I love to collaborate during brainstorming sessions, before I go on to think through in my own time. I don't like working under pressure and tend to work in an unstructured way ... " You get the drift?

Through which field(s) are you best able to contribute to the growth of African businesses?

Tell us about the last project worked on?

Let us know what cool project(s) you have engaged in, and when ... feel free to gloat about how awesome you are!

Would you be comfortable being a project lead or coordinating the efforts and direction of a client project?

Would you be willing to mentor early career analysts and allow them to shadow you while you work?

Terms Of Engagement

In this section We'd like to know your rates, timelines, way of work and terms and of engagement

How much do you usually charge for your services?

Yes, we know it depends, and yes we know it varies. So we really do just want a range: min and max. Feel free to add more detail on what kinds of services one can expect on the low and high ends of your offering. Alternatively, share your a rate card if you have one. (Please be aware that many of the clients are small businesses, with limited budgets. So be sure to show your range of price flexibility).

Thank You!

Over the next few weeks, we will reach out to you to formally onboard you into the Spurt! Consultant Pool. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to write below or email

Do you have any further questions/ideas?

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