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Our Work at Solutions

...Leverages Insights and Technology to Accelerate the Growth of Ventures Ranging from Startups to businesses

Solutions is a platform that convenes, develops and excites the best professionals who are passionate about working for the economic development of the African continent.

Our business advisory platform fosters the emergence of sustainable local businesses in sub-Saharan Africa that adhere to the best performance and ethical standards.

We are facilitating a new wave of growth by enabling entrepreneurs to build companies with sufficient scale and capacity to add value regionally and globally.

Our services are sector agnostic and delivery is organised by these foci


Startup Advisory

Tailored business advisory support that relies on human-centred design thinking and close collaboration with industry experts for deep co-creative consultation with clients.


Research & Data Analytics

World-class mixed-method research approaches that are particularly useful for market research and feasibility reports. Our data scientists and engineers process data-driven analytics for decision-making.


Implementation Support

Partnerships with clients for business transformation via short- or long-term execution of developed strategies. "Teams-as-a-service" product allows us to collaboratively drive execution of client goals. To go fast we can go alone, but to go far we must go together.


Digital Transformation

Dynamic facilitation and moderation approaches effective for multi-level and multi-sector stakeholder dialogue. To go fast we can go alone, but to go far we must go together. Stakeholder engagement

Our data desk uses research and analytics to provide our clients with management insights

Market Entry

Deliberately and comprehensively aggregate data on market gaps and opportunities to reduce the likelihood of product and business failures in new markets

Product Testing

Meticulously design robust scenarios and sandboxes to test new software and hardware products, directly assessing product viability and stickiness with customers

Sector Analysis

Develop clear maps of business segments and buying patterns within verticals to achieve sector focused market analysis and deliver insights on market size both in volume and value

Predictive Analytics

Systematically explore qualitative and quantitative data sets for patterns and relationships to deliver intelligence enhanced by predictive analytics for decision-making


Conduct field research, publish effective surveys and undertake formal and informal interviews to help our clients acquire rich insights on customers of all types

We support small businesses with strategic planning to scale and optimise operations


Risk Assessment

We analyse and quantify the potential for losses in a new strategy and support management to take the appropriate actions given the venture‘s growth objectives and risk tolerance.


Operations Management

We design and monitor processes of development and/or production for a variety of business operations to deliver the highest levels of efficiency within organisations.


Brand Strategy

We design in accordance with digital marketing best practices and with the right marketing tools to make the right impression on our client's target audiences. Our strategic use of technology ensures both reach and precision.


Fiscal Strategy

We assist in alleviating internal financial resource constraints (tax, auditing, etc.) in organisations to enable the management can focus on driving other aspects of business operations.

Solutions offers five lines of service to startups and their stakeholders

Founder Education

  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Operations Planning
  • Technology Systems Audit
  • Investment Readiness Training

Pitch Preparation

  • Founder and team training sessions on pitch strategy
  • Business Valuation Arguments
  • Investor-ready Pitch Deck Creation

Financial Preparedness

  • Financial Modelling
  • Tax Audits
  • Financial Projections Review
  • Valuation Models

Due Diligence

  • Data room preparation
  • Advisory Board Setup
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Business Registrations

Market Entry

  • Market Research
  • Consumer Insights Surveys
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Product Marketing

Our Digital Transformation Practice Helps businesses Improve Systems with Automation and Digitisation

We also support the implementation of our highly customisable people and process management tools

Spur! a performance tracker provides businesses with the ability to properly gauge employees’ efficiencies, determine proper and fair compensation strategies for their workforce, and improve the workplace’s overall productivity.

Build Effective

Our Human Capital Development Practice achieves Employer and Employee Development

Human Capital Strategy

  • Company Culture
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Business Marketing
  • Team Bulding

Workforce Performance

  • Goal Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Reward & Recognition Programmes

Human Capital Improvement

  • Employee Training
  • Management Training
  • Business Marketing
  • Technical Skills Development

Workforce Planning

  • Recruitment Services
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy

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