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Why You Should Subscribe to The Theories of Change (ToC) Podcast By Spurt!

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February 6th, 2023

Why You Should Subscribe to The Theories of Change (ToC) Podcast By Spurt!

At Spurt! We are always looking to amplify solutions to critical and specific challenges in Sub Saharan Africa. During the course of last year, everyone was worried about how the global pandemic will play out and what lasting consequences the changes would have on people’s income, health and generally, life as we have known it.

At Spurt!, our team put together a survey distributed across the continent to find out how small businesses were coping with rapid change and dire consequences brought about by the global pandemic. In the wake of all this, came a bigger question about the systemic issues that still plague the continent and how an overhaul is much needed. This is how the Theories of Change Podcast (ToC) podcast came about.

ToC Podcast is a series of conversations amongst young Africans who are committed to the development of the continent in a meaningful way. We explore concepts such as development, pan-Africanism, technology, religion, patriotism and feminism and examine how these ideas/movements/philosophical frameworks affect how we as an elite achieve true progress for all Africans rather than just a privileged few.

If you are looking to build a different model of development for Africa, concerned about the future of the continent and you are unsure about what is really holding us back as a continent. This is the podcast for you!

You can find the first four episodes which focus on development as a theory of change and Pan-Africanism as a theory of change here. In these episodes, we discuss development as a theory of change for the progress of the African continent.

Seeing as the current development model does not work because it has not developed with the African’s best interest in mind. We have to ask ourselves, what are the alternatives to the current model? Do they exist? Or must we create them ourselves, and how?

Listen in to our episodes and contribute to the greater conversation by sharing your thoughts with us on InstagramTwitter and LinkedIn. You can subscribe and follow our biweekly conversations on Google Podcasts and Spotify.

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