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Is Everyone Using AI for Work?

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June 18th, 2023

Is Everyone Using AI for Work?

The integration of AI-powered tools raises important questions about their appropriateness for work, as well as their potential impact on the future of work.   At Spurt! we recently conducted a survey to understand how AI is showing up in the workplace of Africa professionals. The use of AI-powered tools, particularly Chat GPT, is on the rise amongst professionals globally especially those in growth marketing and software roles.

The survey showed that 84.6% of the participants, professionals who already used technology in their workplaces in some way, were also already familiar with Chat GPT. Most interestingly the data also suggested that the vast majority of people who were using AI in the workplace, did not want to have to disclose that they were using such tools. This naturally raises ethical questions. Regardless of where you stand on the ethical question there is an undeniable and growing demand for AI-powered tools that enable individuals and teams to efficiently handle complex tasks. I've personally experienced the benefits of using these generative AI tools in my work and I would rather not return to a world without them. For instance, when I need to brainstorm ideas, ChatGPT provides valuable insights and suggestions, helping me to develop creative solutions more quickly. Additionally, I've found AI image generators incredibly useful in my design work. They allow me to quickly generate images that align with my design headlines, saving me time and effort in the creative process. These tools have allowed me to harness my human intelligence and combine it with the processing speed and intelligence of AI so that I can now analyse data, make predictions, and automate processes to ultimately boost my productivity in the workplace.  If you are keen to gain a comprehensive understanding of how you can harness the power of AI to boost your productivity whether at work or in the workplace, then you are encouraged to sign up for our workshop here. The workshop is open to professionals, founders and operators in any field and is titled, Demystifying AI for Professionals. Register to join us on Wednesday, June 28, 2023, so you don’t get left behind!

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