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How Critical Is Innovation for Startup Success: Is this really it or is it just a fragment of what we really need?

Posted on

October 25th, 2023

Is innovation the key to thriving businesses, or is it just a piece of the larger puzzle that entrepreneurs need to solve? In the ever-evolving landscape of startups and entrepreneurship, the role of innovation stands as a central enigma. To decipher this conundrum, we gathered insights from a diverse group of entrepreneurial minds.

What is innovation?

DLM, the leader of FirstFounders and a seasoned entrepreneur, starts our exploration by defining innovation as a process of improvement and redirection. It's about moving from a traditional focus to a new one. In his view, innovation is undeniably crucial, but it's only one element in the intricate architecture of building a successful startup.

"Innovation," he explains, "is just a moving needle in between the whole components of business building." The driving force behind any innovation is vision. A visionary leader is essential for applying innovation consistently. To create a thriving startup, entrepreneurs must first envision where they are and where they want to be. Customer experience integration plays a pivotal role. When customers become carriers of your vision, the word spreads, creating a robust foundation. To get a better and complete version of this, click here to listen to the full conversation.


Continuous Innovation - The Elon Musk Example

When asked the same question, Ila Bappa presented an intriguing perspective. He uses the example of Elon Musk's ambitious goal of sending people to Mars. The innovation here might not just be about getting to Mars but making the commute viable, and not just once or twice a year. "What if another company discovers a way to go to Mars four to eight times a year?" he asks. The point Ila drives home is that innovation is not a one-time event but an ongoing process.


For startups, it's about continually reevaluating your approach, even if your idea isn't entirely novel. It's about adapting and evolving to stay relevant in the market. The ability to find alternative solutions and improve on existing ideas is a hallmark of innovation.


Innovation: Doing Things Differently and Better

Bunmi keeps it succinct: "Innovation is doing things differently, better, and doing it right." This encapsulates the essence of innovation. It's not just about change; it's about change for the better. Entrepreneurs must be willing to challenge the status quo, disrupt norms, and seek superior methods.


Beyond Product: Innovation in Team Building

David Orok, founder of 3 successful startups, takes a comprehensive approach, expanding our understanding of innovation beyond the product. He emphasises the significance of innovative team building. In his words, “It is known that a startup that is built to succeed must have 3 startup founders; a hustler, a hacker, and a hipster.” This unconventional combination represents the marriage of business acumen, technical expertise, and design sensibilities. In the startup world, innovation also extends to how you assemble your team.


Moreover, David highlights the importance of marketing as another arena for innovation. His approach is simple but profound: "I try to sell first before I build a product." This approach ensures that you validate your ideas before diving into the complexities of product development. Selling not only showcases your innovative capacity but also gauges market demand, a crucial factor in startup success.


In the world of startups, innovation isn't just about groundbreaking inventions. It's about consistently refining and reimagining every facet of your business. Startups that foster innovation in their DNA, from their leadership and team composition to their marketing and product development, are the ones most likely to thrive in today's competitive marketplace. While innovation alone may not guarantee startup success, it is undoubtedly an indispensable element of the formula.

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