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Crushing It Without Crashing: Managing Work Stress for Good Health

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May 29th, 2023

Crushing It Without Crashing: Managing Work Stress for Good Health

While a certain level of stress can be motivating, excessive and prolonged stress can take a toll on both our mental and physical well-being. It is crucial to develop effective strategies to manage work stress and prioritise our health. 

Long hours, tight deadlines, high expectations, and interpersonal conflicts can all contribute to a significant amount of stress in the workplace. However, prolonged exposure to stress can have serious consequences on our physical and mental well-being. Managing work stress is an ongoing process that requires continuous effort and self-awareness.  

Certain strategies like proper planning and time management can be effective in making our well-being a priority and can also mitigate the negative impact of work-related stress on our health. Remember, investing in our mental and physical health is not only beneficial for us but also for our overall productivity and quality of life. 

 If you've been following us closely, you may have noticed that we dedicated this month: May 2023, to health, wellness, and self-care.

To this effect, we recently hosted a workshop on Twitter space titled "Self-care & Wellness for Remote and Gig Workers" on the 20th of May, 2023. Our esteemed guest speakers, Temiloluwa, Yaya and Precious, shared valuable insights on how to prioritize our well-being amidst the demands of remote and gig work.  

This space blends education with entertainment like a perfect harmony.

Meet Temiloluwa, a financial sector wizard and a (hybrid) worker in Lagos, Nigeria. He shares the epic battles he faces daily against the monstrous traffic and work-related stress, all while striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Then there's Yaya, the time-maximization guru, revealing the secrets of skyrocketing productivity while staying fit. He enlightens us on how to exercise in the comfort of our own homes. According to Yaya, "There's no wellness without sacrifice!"

Let's not forget Precious, the career development coach, shedding light on the perks of the traditional 9-5 grind. She emphasizes the mental preparedness it provides, unlike remote work where odd-hour calls can haunt you. While she insists that both roles can be equally productive, remote workers face relentless demands, no matter the designated work hours. Dive deeper into the mind-blowing insights from this session by clicking the link for a recap. 

Can We Crush It Without Crashing? 

To explore this topic further, we have organized another workshop to be held on May 30th, 2023, on Twitter spaces at @spurtxtools. We have Nonye Ekpe, a therapist at share insights and experiences on how to deliver on our respective jobs while still maintaining a decent amount of control over our lives. 

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