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Nigerian businesses face a crucial year in 2023

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February 6th, 2023

Nigerian businesses face a crucial year in 2023

The uncertainty of the upcoming general elections, the rollover effects of the global pandemic and lockdown in addition to the increasing importance of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area agreement make it an unusual year.

It is apparent that business-as-usual strategies would simply not be enough to make a business grow in an unusual year like 2022.While traditional methods do have their benefits, now more than ever is the time to use effective, modern business intelligence services to remain competitive as a business in Africa. There is a need to evolve by taking advantage of customized services available to you and your business.

This will save your business a lot of time and money and on top of that, it will improve the profitability of your organization. Of all the services that Nigerian business owners can take advantage of, there are 3 key ones that are of utmost importance.

Tool #1: A consultancy pool committed to supporting African entrepreneurs

To make the jump to the next step, businesses need to have unfettered access to external expertise. In-house staff competency has to be supplemented with appropriate technical experience, local area expertise, and knowledge of government (service role, culture, resource capacity, etc.). These consultants can provide the expertise you currently do not have, reduce the workload if you are understaffed, or help with legitimacy for the proposal that the decision-makers need. You can visit Solutions to access professional consultants with extensive academic and professional experience leading companies in their respective fields.

Tool #2: Highly customizable performance tracking technology

A big dilemma for Nigerian businesses in 2022 will be how to objectively identify, support and track human resource talent with the aid of technology. Replacing micro-managers with digital tools ensures that you only hire the right people and also get the best performance from your current workforce.The use of technology has been shown to lead to faster, more accurate and more efficient processes, and reduced HR costs. A good example of a tech tool like this is SpurtX!; a digital employee support tool that has been customized for small Nigerian businesses.

Tool #3: Content editors with quick turnaround time

No matter who the audience is (customers, investors or even the businesses), your business credibility depends greatly on how effectively you communicate. You always need to know what to say and even more importantly, how to deliver the message. Consistent, high-quality messaging is an invaluable way to connect your organization with its key stakeholders. A service like Paperclip that offers professional writing & editing services to businesses can ensure accuracy, clarity and precision in all your communications.

For 2023, the key to success lies in how prepared you are for what lies ahead. And preparation starts with having the right tools. If you are looking for the best options to meet your business needs, you can request a free one-hour consultation with our experts to discuss how to supercharge your business. Visit to get started.

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