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Introducing the Future of Work

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February 4th, 2023

Introducing the Future of Work

These present times have shown that technology has made it extremely easy for freelancers to meet their employers. Did you know that 40% of Africans have side gigs as freelancers? Innovative tools like Sync!, Upwork, Fiverr and so on have made it easier than ever for business owners to connect with quality contractors. Freelance service apps and websites have made the process of finding jobs relatively simple for freelancers, startups, solopreneurs, and other independent contractors. This is revolutionary, as an average employee needs more than one corporate job to keep afloat in this economy. A freelance service app or website simply provides a platform where individuals get listed and businesses can post projects or browse services. Each site works differently and has clear advantages and disadvantages. This article however has its focus on the budding SpurtX!’s Sync!, it is the moment for business employers and freelancers in Africa to experience the seamless future of work.


Sync! Is a tool to accelerate growth for African businesses that connects freelancers to secure jobs guaranteed by escrows. Under this platform you can either be a Partner or Member. As a Partner — you are either a business owner, founder or just seeking to push your business without having to struggle for talent. Then, as a Member — you get to highlight your professional abilities, whilst helping businesses achieve sustainability as well as their business goals. You now have an edge with Sync! and do not need to compete or get stuck in the African job market place. If you are bringing excellence or expect excellence, Sync! is for you. Use it. To find out more information or stay connected, contact us on IG — @spurtxtools and Website —

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