We have a special suite of services for SMEs


SMEs employ the vast majority of people across the African continent. We support their growth.

Grow Along With Your Team

A CEO needs to get to meetings with potential clients or vendors but has no reliable personnel to whom he can entrust day-to-day business operations

  • Profiles, sources and recruits the required person(s) to ensure the operations are left in capable hands
  • Provides the initial short-term training required to integrate new staff into the operation 

Stand Out In The Market

A CEO is aware that the brand needs more visibility, but does not have the time or human resources to execute a marketing campaign

  • Assists the CEO in developing and outlining his brand vision and marketing objectives

  • Develops a strategy to fit the company’s marketing objectives

  • Oversees and assists with the implementation of the strategy to ensure improved firm visibility

Track Your Progress

The company needs to learn more about their customers so that they can be better served

  • Reviews business model and identifies the desired metrics to track

  • Develops appropriate response strategies to each of those metrics

  • Trains staff on developing insights and responses to information on client behaviour

Be Exceptional in Your Delivery

The company needs a perfect document to convince potential investors and clients of the value of the product/service offering

  • Edits and develops the document so that the company’s value proposition is quickly and fully understood

  • Supports the company through the investor search and fundraising process

Optimise Your Operations

The company needs help streamlining operations for higher levels of efficiency so that more time can be spent developing and executing new ideas for business growth

  • Reviews your operations data, processes and systems

  • Develops an optimisation model to assess and correct process bottlenecks

  • Recreates a detailed process outline for each aspect of the business

  • Implements the newly streamlined system of operations