Our Values


Ours is a firm that convenes, develops and excites the best young African leaders who are passionate about the economic development of their continent

Establish and maintain professional standards with holistic strategies

  • Consider outcomes and impact before taking action
  • Patiently discover hidden pockets of opportunity
  • Work smart and hard for the success of our clients
  • Maintain client confidentiality

Elevate our clients to top-performers with longitudinal thinking

  • Gain the full trust of our clients by becoming part of their team
  • Embrace African models of success and discover new models for African inclusion
  • Bring new innovative thinking into client organizations

Replicate enabling environments which allow people to thrive

  • Be non-hierarchical and honest
  • Be humble and grateful for our opportunities
  • Share feedback honestly and charitably to develop each other
  • Establish an inclusive and global culture with an uncompromising focus on Africa