Spurt! was founded to develop local companies into global giants

We work to make people more productive, operations more efficient and strategy more aligned with vision.

Spurt! is facilitating a new wave of socioeconomic growth across the continent. We are enabling local SMEs with resources, skills and insights.

The Spurt! Method uses People Management, Data Analytics and Design Thinking to drive business strategy and operations. We help entrepreneurs to tackle business challenges and capture growth opportunities to scale their enterprises. We have completed over one hundred engagements across various African countries with a diverse and highly capable talent pool.
Strategic Advisory1


Tailored business advisory support that relies on human-centred design thinking for deep consultation with clients and close collaboration with industry experts.

Research & Analytics

World-class mixed-method research approaches that are particularly useful for market research and feasibility reports. Data-driven analytics for decision-making.

Implementation Support

Partnerships with clients for business transformation via short- or long-term execution of developed strategies. This is where our "Teams-as-a-service" product shines best.

Stakeholder Engagement

Dynamic facilitation and moderation approaches that are effective for multi-level and multi-sector stakeholder dialogue. To go fast we can go alone, but to go far we must go together.

Interested in Supercharging Your Business?

Our mandate is to trigger and nurture the transformative growth of your business. Get in touch for a free consultation.  We will work with you to provide:

Locally accessible world-class insights

Operations optimisation guidance

Advisory services