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Kristin Wilson

Our Lead Strategist, Kristin, also heads up the Spurt! Research Practice. She is a business advisor specialising in operations and strategy. She has nearly 10 years of experience as a researcher and brings a consistent research driven and evidence-based approach to her practice. She has extensive working experience in health, education, agriculture and creative industries (fashion, visual arts) with specialisations in digital media, tech adoption and consumer goods value chain management across West Africa. She is passionate about building out research on the use of technology in African SMEs.

Oladoyin Phillips

Our Lead Analyst Oladoyin focuses on using Operations Research methods – Optimization and Machine Learning – to drive cost and time efficient operations decisions and practices. She primarily creates solutions that support companies in making informed operational and strategic decisions that lead to better customer experience. She does this by making data analysis more accessible and promoting a data-led culture. Her work experience cuts across the logistics, transportation, telecommunications, finance and technology industries, with a focus on data analysis, machine learning and optimization. Oladoyin wants to help businesses realize the value of their data in delivering superior returns and improved customer experiences.

Spurt! operates on a unique model of providing teams as a service. We have brought together the best young professionals Africa has to offer. Our consultants are very highly educated and have built extensive professional experience at the leading companies in their fields. They have the common attribute of being versatile individuals, who are committed to supporting the African entrepreneur and the growth of the African continent.

Legal & Regulatory

This might seem like the boring stuff, but it is important that African startups and SMEs set up their businesses properly from the start, and have expert advice when making important decisions that show up down the line. Our legal consultants have extensive experience in project finance and development, corporate finance, public and private mergers and acquisitions, due diligence and corporate governance. They have also done significant cross border work for clients in Asia, EMEA and the Americas. Their project experience spans the power, telecommunications,infrastructure, healthcare and FMCG sectors.

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Corporate Finance, Accounting & Investments

Our finance professionals draw from their strong education and work experience to advise our clients on their most pressing financial issues. Most have MBAs from leading institutions, are Chartered Financial Analysts  or  Chartered  Accountants  and  have  demonstrated  work  experience  in  Commercial and Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Auditing, Financial Structuring (especially of startups and  SMEs), and Financial Advisory services. Their  combined sector experience spans Real Estate, Energy, Financial Services,  Transportation, Logistics, Retail and   Agriculture.

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People Operations and Management

People are at the core of every business, and their success is the company’s success. Our people managers and consultants understand this and are committed to ensuring your company structure is well suited to the progress of your staff. Our human resource professionals are experienced in Learning & Development, Recruitment, Graduate Trainee Programs and People Strategy. They have certifications from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management.

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Branding, Marketing & Creative Media

Every successful brand needs a relevant image and  clear story that highlights its values, and helps its customers identify with it. This is where our marketing and creative team step in to ensure those who need to see and hear that story, have a pleasant consumer experience. Our Creative team consists of multimedia artists and designers that are big on design thinking and human-centred design. They have years of experience providing branding and digital media solutions for SMEs, including online media, TV, music, and social media for companies based around the world.

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Data Management & Analytics ​

It goes without saying that every 21st  century firm has to be cognizant of its data, the stories it tells, the operations it runs, and the decisions it can support managers in making. Having the means to store, manage, and effectively analyse data can not be over emphasised. Our data professionals have undergone thorough quantitative academic training and applied them to successful data projects across the globe. We have technical competencies in Python and R (and the use of machine learning packages), the most popular data programming languages, Tableau for effective data visualization and presentation, as well as cloud computing and database management services.

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Digital Services & Technology

Our technology consultants consist of software developers who have designed, developed and deployed software systems and web applications for clients in various fields. We have fullstack developers who use Java(Springboot & Android), PHP, AngularJs, AWS, Nginx, Ionic, Cordova, Electron, Doxygen, Jenkins. Our consultants have worked on government, tax, pharmaceuticals, finance, telecommunications and health projects.

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